Regular Classes


All children, without exception, are born talented, and every talent should be cherished from early childhood.
No matter what field your kid would choose in future, whether to become a famous engineer, a doctor, a scientist, a home-maker or someone else, learning how to think, to dream, to plan and to create from early age is a great start.
We want your child to develop these skills and help think creatively, which also benefits during the school years.
The goal of our method is to arrange educational practices in the most interesting and benefiting form and to promote the comprehensive development of every child.
At the end of the semester we organize a Festival – Exhibition, displaying works of your children in our gallery.

Magic fingers

Mommy & Me Toddler Classes
Age:1.5 to 3 y.o. (with one parent)
Duration: 45 minutes ($55 per month)

A great class for toddlers and their parents. It gives a great opportunity to spend quality time in educational and fun way. So, let’s develop your toddler’s talents together!…

Your tot will use finger-painting and palm-drawing techniques, play with construction paper and bright beads, learn about the nature of different objects and create his own masterpieces.
These techniques benefit toddlers’ color perception, stimulate development of memory, improve fine motor skills, coordination and ability to concentrate.

Little geniuses

3 to 5 years
Duration: 45 minutes ($55 per month)

Our regular class for children helps creativity cultivation. Young students develop motor skills and explore their creativity through age-appropriate…

Drawing, painting, clay modeling, construction, paper mache, and a wide variety of other fun activities.
Our unique methodology will help your children become successful students and see the world in a special, unique way.

Young talents

5 to 7 years
Duration: 1 hour ($55 per month)

At this age children are already familiar with the basics of art, painting and crafting. Therefore, our goal is to show them a new type of versatile creativity…

Our techniques help to train their taste and ability to focus, to dream and to create a real masterpieces on canvas, as well as using glass, ceramics, sand and water.
Kids would learn the fundamentals of design and composition. They would lay with line, value, color, shape, size, and direction. The principles we use in class are unity, conflict, dominance, repetition, alternation, balance, harmony, and gradation.


7 years old and up
Duration: 1.5 hours ($60 per month)

These classes are for older kids who enjoy art and wish to improve theirs skills. Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolors), drawing, sculpture, and many other creative techniques will be taught in these advanced classes…

The classes are lead by well known local artist whose work is represented in major galleries in the US and Europe. His sculpture is featured at the entrance of the College Station airport.
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Spring 2017 class schedule

January 2017-May 2017


1.5-3 years
Magic fingers


3-5 years
Little geniuses

11.30 – 12.15
11.30 – 12.15

5-7 years
Young talents


7 years and up

“If you have a group of kids interested in a particular class time that is not listed, let us know and we will see what we can do!
We need to have at least 2 kids to create a new class. We are open to suggestions!
We do not currently take online payment for regular kids classes. Pay by cash/check/credit card on the 1st day of regular class session.”