Dr. Dary Dega

About Owner & President of Degallery 

For most children born in Russia, a country with deep, versatile history and tradition in the arts, art is an important part of their childhood. For Dary Dega, the owner of Aggieland’s newest destination for artists, DEGALLERY, it was no different. Like most Russian children, she was raised attending museums and concert halls, going to the ballet, and classical music concerts.
But Dary may have fallen even deeper in love with the arts at an early age, thanks to traveling extensively all over Europe as a child with her father, who was a renowned scientist, and the rest of her family. Throughout her travels, she continuously learned more about the fine arts and their beginnings at every turn. That early passion remained fervent for Dary, who would go on to later graduate from art school and music school, while also pursuing a career in medicine.
Dary moved with her husband halfway around the world a couple of years ago because he assumed the position of physics professor at Texas A&M University. Following the move to Texas, Dary’s lifelong love of art inspired her to launch a unique gallery in her new home in Aggieland, a dream of her’s, to build a space that would allow every artist of every age, at every talent level, to express themselves. That dream has finally opened.
For the experienced artists, DEGALLERY provides the opportunity to showcase his or her talents through exhibitions, concerts and presentations. For the artist who is looking to turn their passion into a skill, small, intimate, “Step by step” classes are offered for artists of ALL ages, and are created by Dary, herself. Drawing upon her experience from some of the best art teachers in world, in some of the top art schools in the world, art classes at DEGALLERY are unmatched.
Join us today and leave DEGALLERY with a newfound love of art, as well as a piece of art that you’re proud to display as your own.

“I fell in love with Texas from the first sight. Texas loved me back and truly warmed my heart. Now the USA is a perfect home for my family, my three children. I always wanted to make people happy and I will continue committing to this goal through Degallery.”

– Dary Dega.