Fashion Design

Instructor: Crista Fer Cslvilo & Dary Dega
Kids (+8): Friday 5-6 pm 
Teens & Adults (15+): Wednesday 6-7 pm

Price: $99 per month

Even if you’re not an aspiring fashion designer, you might want to take advantage of some our fashion design classes being offered at Degallery. Learning how to make your own clothes means you can recreate the designer looks you spot on celebs for a lot less—and create completely unique looks your friends will love. If your school doesn’t offer any sort of clothing construction courses, Degallery is an awesome new resource for learning the basics of sewing and design. You can study with us Draping, Pattern Making, Sewing, Fashion Art and Product Development—all at Degallery! If you do have dreams of becoming the next Kate Spade, Degallery certainly isn’t a total substitution for traditional college training, but it’s definitely a good way to learn the basics before you head off to design school!