Watercolor Painting

Instructor: Hailey Herrera
Price: $140/month
Adults only

Watercolor classes are the perfect way to ignite your inner-artist and express yourself through painting! Enjoy this inspiring journey of watercolor painting classes with DEGALLERY #1-Rated art studio at AGGIELAND, and learn a wide variety of watercolor painting techniques that will send your creative spirit soaring. In our watercolor lessons for beginners and intermediate levels, you will explore, learn, and enjoy:

• Watercolor painting techniques including gradated washes, wet on wet painting, wet on dry watercolor painting, dry brush, variegated washes, splattering, watercolor dripping , glazing, color mixing, and more!
• One-on-one, tailor-made, expert watercolor painting instruction by a professional artist and teacher
• Critiques and guidance from the instructor
• Painting a variety of subject matter, including landscape, still life, and animal throughout your watercolor classes
• Receive the scientifically proven health benefits of watercolor painting classes including relaxation, stress relief, increased memory, and increased satisfaction
• Learn how to combine watercolor painting techniques with your own authentic self-expression in watercolor painting classes All levels welcome.

All Materials included.