FREE Event
Saturday, June 16 from 3 PM – 6 PM (open house style)

New children’s book with a science twist “Pearl and the Golden Comb”! 
Play and learn with games, prizes, snacks, and fun!

Ideal for children from age 6 and up. 

Greta Cleary – Author and
Laura Cleary – Illustrator.

as they celebrate their first book in the Castle Tales chemistry series!
Signed copies will be available.

Parents who previewed the book are saying:

        “What a great way to introduce young readers to the periodic table! What kid doesn’t love an adventure with secret passages and castles! Even better is learning while living the adventure. I look forward to the next book and learning more about elements and molecules.”
                                                  – Dale K., teacher for 19 years, MA in education, parent

       “My 6-year old now has a basic understanding of how a water molecule is made.  My 4-year old was interested from start to finish. They both enjoyed the story. A big plus for parents with kids a few years apart!”
                                                  – Brian W., entrepreneur and parent

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 Greta Cleary – Author
With a degree in Environmental Science and a love of teaching, Greta’s passion is to help children develop an early familiarity with and confidence in science. She is thrilled to work with her daughter to create this series!

Laura Cleary – Illustrator
Laura has always loved to draw and create. Being a huge fan of both science and art, she is excited to bring the characters of Castle Tales to life in a way that is fun for all readers!