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Acrylic on Canvas $392

“Transcending the Temporal” by Mark Kieran

Embark on a journey, through imagery and color, with visionary artist Mark Kieran, exploring the beauty within us, within nature and our connection with all of the universe. Transcending for a few moments the hustle and bustle of our fast paced lives and scheduled existence to experience a glimpse of something more.

Mark Kieran is a self taught, visionary and surrealist artist currently residing in Waco Tx. Born November 22, 1969 in Framingham Ma. He spent his childhood first on Martha’s Vinyard Island and later in Colorado and was drawn to art from a very early age. After years working first in ranching in Colorado and then in construction and house painting in Texas, he decided to try painting on canvas. As he explored tecniques and honed his skills, his painting evolved into more colorful and spiritual themes often an expression of his philosophy, visions, love of nature and ideas. 
Kieran’s desire is that his art will resonate within the viewer and bring a visual element to concepts that encourage peace, unity and love.