“Tavrida” by Tatyana M. Obukhova

Sarasota based artist, Tatyana Mishchenko Obukhova, has been on an inspiring journey to bring forth the beauty of life’s simple moments and the precious memories from her childhood through a collection of mesmerizing oil paintings. From a lush bouquet of lilacs on her grandmother’s porch to the sun-kissed views of Florida’s west coast, Tatyana’s paintings are very personal but can speak to the hearts of many.

Born in Ukraine in 1973, Tatyana was raised on the coast of the Black Sea in Crimea, in a family household of a renounced artist, her father, Victor Mishchenko. Her passion for painting begun at an early age as she was surrounded by the inspirational atmosphere of her father’s studio, his works of art and the pristine nature of the region where she grew up.

Tatyana pursued her artistic calling and has honed her skills by absorbing the techniques and knowledge from her father and his art colleagues, and was set on a path of establishing her name as a Painter after graduating the Russian School of Art. In her time living in the US she has studies and worked along the side of Vladislav Yeliseyev, which has given her a fresh outlook on the beauty of traditional Art.

Today Tatyana’s work can be found in exhibits both near her home in Sarasota and in states like Texas and New York, as well as abroad.