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Drawing Cartoons: Basics in characters, story, and animation

Class schedule : February, March, April , (3 month) Fridays from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm.
Price: $70/month. All materials included

This class will be directed toward older kids and adults, ages 9 and up, who have an interest in stylized characters and cartoons.

Drawing cartoons: Looking at famous cartoonists, and drawing inspiration from them. Taking basic shapes, and making a fun character with them! Learning how to exaggerate features and bring to life a cartoony character.

Creating Story: Bringing the cartoon characters to life by doing storyboards and short comics. Practicing different poses and positions to illustrate the emotion and and action of the story.

Animation: Teaching the basics of what goes into a cartoon animation. Squash and stretch, exaggeration, and how to complete an animation traditionally. Hopefully by the end the students could make a flip book animation. An actual animation, or movie, would perhaps be too difficult as that also takes a good amount of computer skills and programs.