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Workshop by Artist Natalia Andreeva (2 full days)

March 20-21, 2021 In and Out

Do you love Russian art and want to learn what makes it so unique and special? Join our series of workshops with a nationally known Russian-American artist Natalia Andreeva. The workshop is a rare opportunity to study and get a broad perspective on Russian art, techniques, and vision.
Natalia will share unique insights on the specifics of observing a subject, seeing light, form, and the atmosphere. She will discuss formal techniques such as space and planning, design, value, color, and edges, and approach to the painting.
The workshop will include Drawing, Alla Prima, painting en Plein Air, completion of a series of sketches, field studies, and work on a larger painting. Student will learn an efficient way of approaching plein air work and will gain confidence which are key components for satisfaction with the process and with the resulting work.

Natalia Andreeva is a professional artist working with oil and watercolor media. Of Russian origin and presently residing in Tallahassee Florida, Natalia traveled extensively thought the world. She lived in many places abroad and in the United States, and was exposed to a wide range of artistic styles and traditions.

Among Natalia’s favorite themes are exquisite plein air landscapes, depicting the subtlety of nature; paintings of still life, were vibrant shapes and internal dynamics are shown in contrast to the commonplace subjects; and finally, figures and portraits brimming the humanity and giving testament to the beauty and harmony of the human condition. The possibility of extraordinarily free brushwork along with the transparency and freshness of the resulting paintings are, for her, the mediums strengths.

Natalia holds a diploma from Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University; her education includes postgraduate studies at the Department of Painting and Composition at the Moscow Pedagogical University, and numerals workshops and studio work throughout Russia, Europe, and USA.
She held a faculty position at Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University and since 1996 taught many classes and workshops around US. Natalia’s works have been distinguished with honors and fellowships and are featured in multiple public and private collections.

This workshop is a combination of Plein Air and studio work. Both days Natalia will do demonstrations in oil, but other mediums are welcome.
In this workshop you will see everything from the beginning to the end. Natalia will lead you through the steps of designing your composition, format selection, judgments of perspective and illumination, she will discuss techniques of working with color, and will take you all the way, till the very final touch. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to create impressionistic art.

Day 1
We will work on location outdoors and inside making sketches and studies, and gathering ideas.

Day 2
Those sketches will be used as inspirational resource materials for more-complete, larger pieces.