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Copper quartz, labradorite, sterling silver. Sold. (to order a similar design please contact Degallery)

“Stones for Life” art exhibition

“Handmade Jewelry” maestro from NY.
​Isabella Oganessian is an architect, but her background is incredibly diverse. Being an intrinsically creative person, she has worked with many forms of artistic expression including sewing, knitting, and graphic and costume designs. Various forms of art have consistently surrounded her as she was growing up and are important to her to this day. 

​She moved to New York twenty-five years ago with her family and has worked as an architect since then. The transition was difficult, but like all artists, Isabella finds that her difficult experiences have contributed to her pieces. 

​Isabella turned to jewelry making as a method of coping with a stressful period in her life. Working with gemstones provided her with energy and passion during that difficult time. She funneled her energy and passion into the jewelry making process, finding it meditative and necessary to overcoming the ordeal. 
​Working as an architect for over twenty five years provides Isabella with an ability to approach the jewelry creating process from an angle that is quite different. She finds that at their core, architecture and jewelry design have the same principles: color, proportion, material, and comfort in use.