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  2. Kids Art camp “LITTLE ARTISTS” June 12-15

Kids Art camp “LITTLE ARTISTS” June 12-15

June 12-15

School holidays is the best time of year for kids…no school, no homework…just fun! Until of course, boredom sets in! Keep your children busy with DEGALLERY’s FUN, art adventure camp, available for all artists ages 5-11!

  • Create multiple art projects, including paintings, drawings, mixed-media, and more.

  • Receive customized, one-on-one art instruction with professionally trained artists.

  • Learn more about the fabulous history of art.

  • Tap into creativity with child-friendly paintings on canvas, pastels, collage, papers, charcoal, inks, and a variety of magical hands-on art projects and materials

Our art and creativity programs are very effective development tools for children, and promises to be one of the most talked about activities when your child returns to school.

Unlike sitting around the house all school holidays, art has been shown to improving self-esteem, and artistic exploration will allow your child to learn how to make decisions, express their emotions, and enhance dexterity and concentration!

Website: https://www.degallery.us/event/copy-of-kids-art-camp-little-artists-june-12-15/