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  2. Workshop “Beginner’s Acrylic” for teens and adults

Workshop “Beginner’s Acrylic” for teens and adults

June 5-8

Workshop “Beginner’s Acrylic” for teens and adults. 

Painting is sumptuous, relaxing, and inspiring. In this fear-free, encouraging and expressive painting class for all levels, YOU will:

• Learn the artistic techniques of painting and self-expression 
• Receive one-on-one expert art instruction as you enjoy our nurturing and non-judgmental art studio 
• Practice painting techniques, such as: color mixing, tone, value, brushwork, texture, composition, palette knife use, emotional/personal expression, and more! 
• Feel inspired by subject matter such as still life, landscape, portraiture, colorful abstraction, and other artistic ideas that excite you 
• Create many finished paintings to celebrate and hang in your home 
• Escape the everyday and make your painting class your weekly oasis!

All levels welcome.

All Materials included.

Website: https://www.degallery.us/event/workshop-beginners-acrylic-for-teens-and-adults/