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  2. Workshop “Landscape” for teens and adults. July 3-6

Workshop “Landscape” for teens and adults. July 3-6

July 3-6

Workshop “Landscape” for teens and adults. (12+ years old)

Have you wanted to paint the majesty of nature but where not sure where to start. This class will teach you how to capture the splendor of nature as we deconstruct the different elements of the landscape. Learn how to paint a strong landscape by first picking a great photo reference. Understand the importance of composition as the foundation of your painting. The class will then follow the process of painting a landscape using simple shapes, mixing natural colors and understanding values to create atmosphere and distance in the landscape. Students will learn how to compose a successful painting with harmony, interest and drama. Learn about the fundamentals of composition and how to include a focal point in your painting. Students will also learn how to create atmosphere specific to landscape painting. Learn to design your paintings, not just copy a photograph. You will gain the skills needed to transport the beauty of nature into an original landscape painting.

All levels welcome.

All Materials included.

Website: https://www.degallery.us/event/workshop-landscape-for-teens-and-adults-july-3-6/