Yulia Drozdova

Some people write books or poems to express themselves. Yulia Drozdova creates MandalaArtPlayts. These plates are her very own symbolic stories told through an intricate form of coding. Her code is comprised of lines, shapes, and colors. During ancient times, people used ornaments as a form of cipher (a disguised way of writing). These work together to tell the stories of our ancestors’ struggles and successes. Every person capable of thinking can find his or her history within MandalArtPlayts because experience is a universal concept. MandalaArtPlayts give people the opportunity to gaze upon a reflection of the world’s many cultures, religions, and philosophies.
You may be asking, “What is mandala?” Mandala is a Sanskrit term used to describe a geometric pattern that represents the cosmos. According to Jungian psychology, the mandala is a symbol of self-reunification. Using her artistic ability, Yulia designs these geometric patterns on various plates. The patterns she uses on her plates are meant to be a playful performance with elaborate motions, exhilarating action, and radiant fun!
The point-to-point technique that Yulia uses originated in India, Indonesia, and Persia hundreds of years ago and is meant to convey a form a self-expression. And Yulia develops unique patterns; mixing them with other techniques, while also adding in her own thoughts and feelings.
Whenever people come back to see Yulia’s MandalaArtPlayts, there will always be new ornaments and different shades of color. With every glance taken, there will always be something new for the viewer to discover about the art and themselves. MandalaArtPlayts will provide people with a new sense of tranquility through colors and rhythm. MandalaArtPlayts raise figurative thinking and emotional intelligence to a whole new level.
MandalaArtPlayts are not solely objects for meditation. They also function as mesmerizing charms for your house or office, thanks to the symbols that strengthen the viewers mental protection and awareness. And, of course, they are perfect for decorating any empty space! They go well with any interior style. You can style your MandalaArtPlayt with Bohemian, Moroccan, contemporary, or EVEN modern themes.