Uncork your creative expression with unlimited inspiration as you connect with wonderful people, re-spark your inner-artist, and create a beautiful painting in our fear-free BYOB wine and painting class…. in only one night! In this step-by-step, brushstroke-by-brushstroke BYOB wine and painting class experience, YOU will:

• Learn the most important painting techniques such as color mixing, brushwork, composition, texture, and more 
• Most importantly, learn how to relax, have fun, and feel inspired while you joyfully express yourself through art 
• Receive customized one-on-one art instruction 
• Paint, sip the night away, and walk away with a finished BE-YOU-tiful masterpiece with your signature on it!

Most materials included. You bring your favorite bottle of wine … we supply the rest!

Degallery is the top rated paint and sip experience in Aggieland, and after one visit, you’ll know why.

Join us at Degallery…where EVERYONE is an artist!

Paint your favorite picture in your own schedule!


1. Choose your favorite picture from PAINTING LIBRARY

2. Send three options of your available time (from 8.00 am to 11.00 pm, Monday-Sunday):
[email protected]

3. and your favorite picture will appear in the schedule. Hurry up, book the first best time!


*3 person minimum:
$25/per person for 8″x10″ size canvas 
$30/11″x14″ size canvas and $35/16″x20″ size canvas