Welcome to Yulia Drozdova work shop “Create your unique Mandala of Love”.

Inspired of “Unique ceramic – Mandala Art Plates” exhibition in Degallery you have great possibility to create or own Mandala – as a gift for your partner or for yourself for Valentine’s Day!

On work shop “Create your unique Mandala of Love”. Point-to-pointe for beginners” Yulia Drozdova teaches how to create intricate designs on ceramic plates using the point-to-point technique. Important: you absolutely needn’t to have painting experience! That technique is amazing, because you paint spontaneously, by your heart. So any way you will create the a great Mandala, your talisman.

You can try point-to-point technique on Yulia’s work shops on
February, 10th at 1.30 pm and at 4.00 pm
Kids from 5 year old are welcome!
Price is $25 for kids and $35 for adults.